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Solar Energy Services in SW Florida

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Solar energy is the wave of the future. So why are you still living in the past?

Custom Solar and Electric, LLC can get your home using reliable, affordable energy, courtesy of SW Florida’s abundant sunshine, in a snap!

What’s more, we will help you enjoy your new system to the fullest by equipping it with battery storage and back-up, answering any questions you may have, and providing solar panel repairs when needed.

Get out from under the yoke of the power company monopoly. Call our team in SW Florida for a free estimate.

Solar Panels

Energy Independence Looks Good on You

When you think of solar energy systems, do you envision big, bulky panels that clash with your home’s décor and architecture?

Today’s solar energy systems are a far cry from their predecessors, inside and out. Your solar panels will lay flush against your home’s roof, whether it’s made of shingle, tile, metal, or asphalt.

Your battery back-up system will only require a small amount of room in your garage or basement, so you can continue to park your vehicle or store personal items without a problem.

Solar energy has come a long way. Let Custom Solar and Electric, LLC tell you all about it!

We Stand Behind Our Systems, and You

If solar energy systems are somewhat new to you, Custom Solar and Electric, LLC understands how you feel. That’s why our team is available to answer your questions anytime, and help you get comfortable with your new system. With our solar energy experts on your side, you’ll get past the initial learning curve in no time, and wonder why you didn’t convert to solar energy sooner!

Let the Weather Do Its Worst

Life in SW Florida is full of plusses, but the threat of hurricanes definitely falls in the minus column. With Custom Solar and Electric, LLC, you needn’t worry about your solar energy system. We deal exclusively in Florida rated solar panels and Ironridge roof attachment hardware, which have warranties for 25 years or more and are designed for Southwest Florida weather.

Put our solar energy expertise to work for you!