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Solar Installation in Fort Myers, FL

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Here in SW Florida, it’s not a question of “if” a hurricane will occur, it’s a question of “when.” If your home runs on solar energy, you may worry about whether your system will hold up to the pounding, but you shouldn’t. All of our systems are designed for Southwest Florida weather.

Punta Gorda solar roof repair

When Storms Hit, We Won’t Be ‘in the Wind’

Your family rode out the storm well. Your house? Not so much. You have broken solar panels and other signs of storm damage that must be addressed immediately. Custom Solar and Electric, LLC has tons of experience working with insurance companies and helping SW homeowners in these types of situations.

We’ll Take Care of The Insurance, so You Can Take Care of You

In SW Florida, most storm damage to solar panels is covered by homeowners insurance. With our expertise in this area, we help make things as easy and seamless as possible. We have productive working relationships with most major insurance companies. We’ll help the claim process go faster, so you can get back to normal faster.

Solar Panel Problems, Solved

Roof damage from the storms account for the majority of work that needs to be done on solar panels in SW Florida, it’s not the only reason your system might need servicing. Custom Solar and Electric, LLC has trained technicians on staff, ready to solve the most common causes of solar panel failure, such as:
  • Ground faults
  • False or nuisance data transference
  • Insufficient open circuit string voltage
  • Low currents
  • Short circuits
  • Inverter fault codes
  • …and more
If your solar energy system is not performing to its usual standard of efficiency, call our team ASAP!