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Solar Panel Installation
Fort Myers, FL

Solar panel installations in Southwest Florida are at an all-time high.


Increasing numbers of people are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and end their reliance on the power companies. If you are one of those people, or maybe you are just looking for more information on what it takes to install solar, you have come to the right place.

In addition to the money-saving power of solar energy, there are currently tax incentives that can help you save even more.

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No More Electric Bills

You just got your latest electric bill in the mail or online. Do you dare open it? How outrageous will it be this time?

If you’re tired of that feeling of dread every time your power bill arrives, it’s time to call Custom Solar and Electric, LLC, pronto! Our solar panel installation team can get you started down the path to enjoying clean, affordable energy, easily.

Your initial system conversion analysis is free of charge, and performed right on your property in SW Florida.

Power rates are unpredictable and on the rise. Custom Solar and Electric, LLC is as reliable as the Florida sun.

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Three steps to solar installation

Solar Panel Installation Fort Myers FL:

Solar Energy Savings in 3 Easy Steps

When Custom Solar and Electric, LLC says that getting a new solar energy system is easy, we mean it’s 1-2-3 easy! When you call our office in Fort Myers, FL, you’ll be 3 steps away from reaping the benefits of solar power:

  • Consultation – our solar panel installation experts perform an on-site analysis of your solar system conversion requirements and your savings. We have programs that feature no up front cost.
  • Installation – from building permits and paperwork, to the design and implementation of your system, your experience with us will be a seamless one
  • Activation – after final inspections are complete we work with your utility to make the final interconnection. We flip the switch to solar and you start saving.

Stop Paying High Utility Bills and Make a Positive Impact on The Environment

Conventional methods of power generation aren’t only expensive, they come at a tremendous cost to our land and waterways. Solar energy harnesses sunlight, of which SW Florida has an abundance, to power your home and all the electronics and appliances you own. Call Custom Solar and Electric, LLC to:

  • Lower your energy rates now and for the future
  • Join the movement to help the environment with clean pure energy from the sun

If you can’t pay for your system up front, don’t worry. We offer flexible financing so you can get the solar energy system you need right now!

Service After the Sale

Once your solar panels are installed, that doesn’t mean your dealings with Custom Solar and Electric, LLC come to an end. Far from it. When you work with us, you’ll have industry-leading support from recognized experts in the field, including:

  • Comprehensive warranties
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Live local support
  • Exceptional customer service

Call today to schedule your solar system installation in SW Florida!

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What would it cost to convert to solar energy?

It won’t cost you a thing to find out.