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Benefits of Solar Power in SW Florida

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They don’t call Florida “the Sunshine State” for nothing. Unlike fossil fuel, which is a finite and expensive resource, sunshine in SW Florida is a plentiful commodity, and it’s free! These reasons alone should be enough to convince most homeowners to convert their residential electrical systems to solar power. If they’re not enough for you, here’s more.

If you like what you see, you’re sure to like what you hear when you have Custom Solar and Electric, LLC perform a free on-property solar energy system conversion analysis.

Economic Benefits of Solar

Let’s face it, SW Florida’s power rates are on the rise, and most of the time, they’re downright atrocious! Quit giving your hard-earned money to the power company syndicate, with a little help from Custom Solar and Electric, LLC. A new solar power system will start putting money in your pocket right away, including:

  • Federal tax credits up to 26%
  • No sales tax for new solar systems
  • Increase in your property value
  • Lower utility bills, even for heating your pool
  • No money out of pocket, rates as low as 0.99%

If you think that sounds great, know that you may also qualify to get your new solar energy system for no money down. Call today to learn how.

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Environmental Benefits

Everyone knows that generating electricity using fossil fuels has taken a tremendous toll on our planet. Between toxic fumes in the air, and contaminants making their way into our rivers and oceans, it’s got mankind living on borrowed time.

Want to do something about it? Start by calling Custom Solar and Electric, LLC. We’ll install PV (Photo Voltaic) panels on your home, which will begin harnessing SW Florida’s ample sunlight and converting it to enough electricity to power your home for decades!

Right for Florida, Right for You

Drive through SW Florida and you’ll see that the majority of homes and businesses are using solar energy. With our state’s beautiful weather, and financial incentives offered at the Federal, state, and local level, converting to solar energy makes a lot of sense, and the dollars aren’t too shabby, either. It’s a win for your pocketbook, and a win for the environment.

Call a winning team for installation, maintenance, and repairs of your solar system — Custom Solar and Electric, LLC!